Happenstance Border Morris was formed in 2010 on the back of the “Marking  the Year” project.  As Winchcombe is the pivot point between Cotswold and Border Morris, the decision was made to make it a Border Morris side.

Although we only have scraps of information about the old Winchcombe Morris side, we try to act in the spirit and memory of the old boys.  We see ourselves very much as a community asset and try to perform locally as much as possible.

The old Winchcombe Morris side disbanded, probably in the late 1800s, although there is one unverified report that they were reformed to dance for the Winchcombe Flower Show before WWI.  They practised in Silk Mill Lane, to a melodeon, drum and triangle.  It is not clear whether the style was Cotswold or Border, or something in between.

(Based on information provided by Eleanor Adlard and Keith Chandler)

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